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Welcome to midgar_rating, a rating community dedicated to comparing you to a Final Fantasy VII character. Here, you will fill out an application and have members rate you according to which character you resemble the most. At the end, you will be evaluated and given a stamp in according to the votes. This is a public community meant for your enjoyment, so relax and have fun!

01. Join the community. Non-members will not be evaluated. Non-members, however, may rate an application, so long as they are a valid LJ member. Any anonymous rates will be deleted.
02. When filling out your application (located below), answer with nothing but the truth. Don't answer with intent on trying to get voted as your favorite character. So, obviously, when filling out your name/alias, you can't put a given name such as "Tifa" or "Zack".
03. Try to give detailed answers. We're not requiring an essay for each answer, but keep in mind that the more detail you put into your answers, the more accurate your votes will be according to who you really are.
04. When putting the title for your entry, write "Knights of the Round", so we know you've read the rules.
05. It's already added into the HTML, but make sure you post your application behind a cut. We don't want to flood friends pages.
06. When posting pictures of yourself, refrain from using FFVII cosplay pictures. No altered or unclear pictures will be accepted. If you don't have any pictures or don't want to post pictures, don't worry about it and just write a description of yourself.
07. Don't take the stamps until you've actually been stamped, and please don't hotlink! Save us and upload the picture to your own server if you choose to use it.
08. Be kind, be nice, be suave. Flaming is bad. And it's not sexy either.

01. You don't have to be a member or have been stamped to rate. But you must be a valid LJ member. Any anonymous votes will be discarded.
02. Please BOLD the name of the character you choose. Pick no more than two, if you absolutely have to.
03. It isn't necessary, but it would be nice to give a reason why you picked the character you did.
04. Please don't just stick to the popular characters (i.e., if the applicant is a girl, don't automatically pick Tifa).
04. Really put some thought and a bit of effort into rating, so it's fair to the applicant who spent all that time filling out that terribly long survey.
05. Be kind, be nice, be suave. Flaming is bad. And it's not sexy either.


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